Old Antique Collectable Woodworking Tools Bought & Sold

Old School Tools originates from the terminology referring to the tools used by a past craftsman. My interest in collectable woodworking tools has escalated over the latter years and has now become more of an obsession than a hobby as many collectors will tell you, some will collect a range of different tools others would try and collect one type of tool as there are many varieties and makers, whether it be axe’s, rule’s, hammer’s, measuring instruments or plane’s just a few of the many that are being sought after by the collector.

At first when starting out you would probably pick up something at the cheaper end of the market but the more you sought the better quality you wanted. Plane’s seem to be the market leader in terms of value and can fetch high prices at auction houses, the collector likes to find these where possible in there original condition (uncleaned) as sometimes people can think that a sparkling clean tool fetches a higher price? not always the case professional tool collectors like to clean them there selves some not even wishing to clean them at all so its always best to leave the cleaning to the collector’s desire.

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Wanting to sell your tools, then get in touch, we buy all quality tools.

Best prices paid for quality tools. I’m always interested in infill planes by Norris, Mathieson, Spiers, Kerr, Slater, Towell, Holtzapfel, rare Stanley and Record planes. I will buy full or part collections even single items, Inlaid tool chests and quality carving tools and chisels wanted, please forward your photos and where you are located to my contact me page.