Home Made Tools

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This is a fantastic home made little plane that would be used to cut a V groove on a piece of timber, it measures 8″ long by 1 5/8″ wide, it has been formed in 2 pieces and glued together the iron is a SJ Addis V jointing tool number 39 that has been removed from its original probably boxwood handle, the tang has been formed into a mushroom shape to prevent injury I would say, The wedge is so nice and cut so that it has a V at the underside to sit into the iron V shape, when you think this is quite a usefull little plane if you wanted to cut a number of V’s across a board say, look at the horn on top this would be to hold your hand against to give some leverage when pushing the plane to make a cut, quite clever thinking. If you have any home made tools you wish to share with us forward a photo with some description and we can all share. Gary