NIGHTINGALE “ever together” PLANES

NIGHTINGALE lock down art planes, I had David Winder commission this identical pair of left and right hand skew mitre planes and name them “ever together” in memory of my late parents Sylvia & Neil. David has only recently started to make planes during COVID hence his naming himself NIGHTINGALE after the covid hospital. I believe these planes to be the first ever identical pair of right and left skew mitre planes made, David 76 yrs old even made the dovetailed box with the brass fittings. He has used Mexican cocobola for the infills bronze sides and steel sole, super tight mouths that cut micro thin shavings, he has added Cupid bow details to front sole, front nose and the wedges, some extrodenary workmanship spending hours in his little shed from where he works from. Look at the detail he’s gone to on the wedges remarkable. The planes are stamped as his second planes he has made, DW 2L 21 & DW 2R 21  these are his initials planes number 2 left and right and year he started to make them. Both planes having the adjuster mechanisms, both DAvid and his wife Gillian had COVID whilst he was making these planes, the “W” on front sidewall of the plane is for Winder, just extraordinary work.