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Geoff Entwistle Luthier Planes.


These are a full set copy of the Norris violin makers planes, the collector that I acquired these from had them commissioned by Geoff Entwistle, but he did not want them to be stamped, they are known to be a one off commission and Geoff never made another copy of these planes, a pity the collector never wanted them stamped, but I have no doubt as I bought the collectors collection of other Entwistle planes. The brass has started to dull down the year they were made is thought to be 2002 decending sizes of the planes are largest being 2 3/8”long by 1 5/16” width this has a round sole and cutter width 7/8” 1 13/16”  long by 1 1/8” width flat sole with a 3/4” width cutter 1 3/4” long by 1 1/8” width round sole with a 3/4” width cutter 1 5/8” long by 1” width round sole with a 11 16” cutter 1 3/16” long by 7/16” width round sole and a 7/16”cutter 1 1/16”long by 5/8” width round sole with a 3/8”cutter a fantastic collection that must have taken some time to copy these and ready to use for a Luthier price is inclusive of postage to mainland U.K.