Very Rare Plane

As a tool dealer and collector over the years I have been offered many tools some of value others not so much,

This is a plane that I have just been offered, never seen one like it before, nicely dovetailed sole and  just look at the detail in that handle, could this be a rare plane?

Must admit it has made me smile for hours on end, when I told the lady who sent me a photo that the handle was an old toilet roll holder she laughed too.

must admit it does have character and art written all over it, I thought I need to share with others, I hope the lady who owns this does not read this and take offence, would think she will laugh along with us all.

reply from the nice lady who owns this rare plane.

Hi Gary

Well all I can say
it’s a very rare tool lol bet you don’t get many like that, it’s typical of
my uncle and his engineering skills,  improvisation when all else fails
lol. I shall tell my Aunty I am sure she will find it very amusing.

King regards


do you have any rare tool stories  why not share with us and make any comments below.